LUCKy 13 Out NOW !!!

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Who is Buzzy ?

Xavier Buzzy Alvarez as Known as his stage Name Buzzy, is an Independent 17 Year Old Rapper/SongWriter/Sound Engineer from Miami Fl. Buzzy Debuted his First EP Mixtape at the age of 16, called "Strawberry Cocaine" on 4/20/12 on several famous Music Websites on the internet. Buzzy has Gained quite a Buzz that Seems to be growing on the web, especially on Twitter,Due to the Fact that he has been dropping "Very Explicit Content" material at such a young Age that seems to be Catching teenage listener's interest by Storm .

Why Me ?

Well, I Fell in Love With Rap Music in the 3rd Grade and ever since then, Iv'e had this desire to be part of the Music Industry in some Major Way,and here I am today Persuing a dream that I invision on a daily basis and I know There's alot of People in this world that want to make it big one day and that have the same dream,but I garentee you  that you wont ever find someone,with the Amount of Desire that I have for this shit,it really is really unexplainable,but I try."

Instagram : VividBuzzy

Lucky 13 Intro